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CCP4 and CCPEM workshops on crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy

Date : 21 & 22 August 2022

Venue : Synchrotron SOLEIL

Organizer : Charles BALLARD


The CCP4/CCP-EM workshop will focus on theory and practice in computational approaches in bio-crystallography and Cryo-EM single particle analysis This will be an in-person event taking place at Synchrotron SOLEIL - CNRS - Cea Paris-Saclay.


The CCP4 Workshop will focus on demonstrating the use of CCP4 Cloud for determining macromolecular structures from X-ray diffraction data. We will cover all steps from diffraction image processing to finalising refinement and model building.


To get the most value from the workshop, participants are encouraged to download and install the latest version of the CCP4 suite as well as register an account with CCP4 Cloud.

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