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Cambridge Structural Database for structural chemists and biologists

Date : 23 August 2022

Venue : Versailles University Campus

Organizer : Arie VAN DER LEE


The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD), managed by the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) and a reference in crystallochemistry, lies at the interface of chemistry and structural biology. In addition to a very comprehensive database, many potentially useful tools are developed by the CCDC and available with this database. The next European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM33) will be held in Versailles from 23 to 27 August 2022. Before the opening of this meeting, the French Network of professional crystallographers (ЯÉCIPROCS), the structural biology group of the French Association of Crystallography (AFC) and the CCDC wish to federate chemists and biologists in a 'satellite' workshop on the tools of the CSD. After a general presentation and demonstration of the available tools, a more practical part requiring the use by the participants of their own laptops (internet access and electrical plugs required) will take place.

Cambridge structural database.JPG
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