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CrysAC Micro- and nano-diffraction for cultural heritage

Date : 23 August 2022

Venue : C2RMF, Louvre

Organizers : Gilberto ARTIOLI -

                    Partha Pratim Das -


In keeping with the terms of reference of the Commission, the CrysAC workshop on “Micro- and nano-diffraction for cultural heritage” is within the series of one-day workshops organized by the IUCr Commission on Crystallography in Art and Cultural Heritage, aimed to stimulate knowledge exchange between crystallographers and researchers interested in Cultural Heritage investigations. Different communities are invited to present reviews of established research, recent results and envisaged trends in key areas of Archaeometry and Conservation Science.

The present workshop will invite scientists from research institutions, museums, and conservation bodies, in order to illustrate state-of-the-art applications of diffraction techniques in the sub-micron spatial resolution. Recent instrumental and methodological advances, mainly based on electron diffraction and synchrotron radiation, are opening novel fields of research on cultural heritage materials, to understand chemico-physical processes and structural transformations with unprecedent spatial resolutions.

Although only invited contributions are planned, all interested people are invited to exchange ideas and discuss the presented topics.



No official registration is needed. Please fill out the registration form below, so you'll be in the list of people allowed in the C2RMF building.

Organizers :

Gilberto ARTIOLI -

Partha Pratim Das -

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