Max Perutz PRIZE

The Max Perutz Prize is awarded in recognition of meritorious achievements in any branch of crystallography by a crystallographer having a clear affiliation with the ECA region and being an individual member of the ECA. It can be for leadership or scientific contributions or both.

Bertaut Prize.JPG

Bertaut PRIZE

The European Neutron Scattering Association (ENSA) and the European Crystallographic Association award this year two Bertaut prizes.

Usually ENSA and ECA organize the Bertaut award sessions in regular alternating sequence during an ENSA or ECA congress, but due to the pandemic this could not be realized. For this reason ENSA and ECA have decided to award two prizes this year.

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Alajos Kálmán PRIZE

The International Kálmán Prize preserves the memory of the late Alajos Kálmán, an eminent scientist in the field of chemical crystallography. The Prize is established by the Hungarian Chemical Society and is endorsed by European Crystallographic Association (ECA). The ECA awards the Alajos Kálmán Prize twice in a three-year cycle (year of the General Assembly of the IUCr excluded) at the European Crystallographic Meetings (ECMs). The Prize will be awarded to an individual researcher in recognition for outstanding scientific contributions in the field of structural sciences within the last 5-10 years. The prize consists of a medal and a financial award and the awardee delivers a Prize Lecture at the ECM.