Satellite Meetings 

Traditionally, workshops, schools or mini satellite symposia are organized around the ECM main meeting, that deepen themes of the congress.

The organization of a satellite, just before or just after the ECM33, will allow:

  • Conference delegates to participate in specialist interest satellite meetings;

  • To the satellite organizers to benefit from the ECM33's organisation and coverage;

  • To the whole French crystallography community to federate complementary events that interest the whole European crystallography community.

The French Crystallography Association invites you to take advantage of this European congress to propose a workshop, a school or a mini-colloquium whose theme is related to crystallography. We are  optimistic  that satellites can be organized with  physical presence, but of course, it is up to you to choose between a face-to-face or remote organization for your event.

Do not hesitate to send your proposals, as from now,  to:

The Organization Committee.


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33rd European Crystallographic Meeting


Tuesday 23 - Saturday 27

August 2022




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